Tree Pruning & Removal

Naturally, trees will shed twigs and branches after they have served there purpose.  This is great in a wooded or forested setting, but not in an urban setting.   The liability of falling limbs on people, children, homes, vehicles, etc, is real and should be addressed before damage or injuries occur.  Other factors for pruning include clearance, excessive branch weight, and mistletoe removal, to prevent and treat certain diseases and to maintain an attractive appearance.

tree-pruning-north-texas At Tree Service Solutions we believe that proper pruning is necessary for urban trees, but should be addressed on a need to do basis.  Many tree companies in the DFW area over-prune, or prune improperly which cause many other problems for the tree.  If you think it is time to prune your trees, please call and schedule an appointment with a certified arborist who can access your trees needs.