Tree Damage During Construction

The loss of trees during construction projections is a real and serious problem. Due to the shallow nature of tree roots and the physical damage caused by construction equipment many trees are loss each year. Imagine buying a newly constructed house on a wooded lot, only to loss half or more of the trees over the first five years.tree-service-solutions-construction-damage
Construction equipment can wound and injure the trunk and limbs. If these injuries are serious enough this could be fatal to the tree. Even more serious is the unseen damage to the root system. Because most roots are found in the top 6-12in of the soil they are easily damaged by trenching, digging, soil compaction, and grade changes.

If you are looking for a home, have recently purchased a home, adding an addition, installing a new sprinkler system or replacing an existing one call Tree Service Solutions immediately, we can help save your trees.


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