Insect and Disease Control

Before treating for insects and diseases (pests), we must first evaluate the situation.  Determining the pest, tree species, and the amount of possible damage that can be caused are all determining factors in how to properly treat the pest.  At Tree Service Solutions we do not spray unnecessarily.  The use of chemicals should be limited based on the degree of damage that can be caused by the pest.


Redheaded Ash Borer

There are certain sprays (organic) that are safe to the environment and can be used to help with the control of pests.  It is our desire to use these sprays whenever possible, but not at the expense of our clients trees.  Each situation will be evaluated and discussed with our clients as needed.

At Tree Service Solutions we believe in Integrated Pest Management (IPM).  IPM is a strategy to anticipate and prevent pests from reaching damaging numbers by using all suitable tactics, such as natural enemies, pest-resistant plants, cultural and mechanical controls, and the wise use of pesticides.  By balancing the use of pesticides with other control tactics, IPM programs reduce the reliance on pesticides.

Trees under stress are more susceptible to attack from insects and diseases.  Trees growing in an urban environment are prone to stress due to water, sunlight and nutrients.  Too little or too much of any of these causes’ trees to stress which weakens the trees and makes them more susceptible to attacks from insects and diseases.

Not all insects are destructive to trees, some are beneficial.  If you think you have an insect or disease problem call Tree Service solutions and we can identify and treat your trees pest problem.  Remember, a well cared for tree is less likely to have pest problems and part of our maintenance program is to ensure your trees long term health.