Aeration is the process of improving the soil to allow the exchange of gases between the root system and the atmosphere.  Tree roots must have oxygen to perform the metabolic process of nutrient uptake.  Due to the nature of our “heavy” clay soils, tree-aeration-tree-service-solutionsgrass roots, compaction, over-watering and other factors most trees struggle to get the proper amount of oxygen needed to complete this process.  Most people do not realize that 90% of the tree roots are in the top 12 inches of the soil.  Because of this, what we do at the surface can greatly affect the amount of gaseous exchange between the trees roots and atmosphere.

At Tree Service Solutions we can properly aerate your trees roots by using high pressure air to loosen and fracture the soil in the root zone of the tree.  In some cases high pressure air will not do a proper job and another means of mechanical aeration may be recommended.  After the aeration has been completed, we then backfill these aeration holes with a our special bend of additives that improves the soil composition, increase the movement of oxygen, allows excess moisture to evaporate and helps with  proper root development.